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Environmental, Health & Safety

Michael Doyle Civil Engineering Ltd are proud of our environmental, health and safety record which compares favourably to the Industry average.


Health and Safety has always been a priority for us and as a company we comply with all current and relevant legislation. Our commitment to a safe and healthy working environment for both our staff and members of the public is well recognised.


We have significant experience in working in sensitive areas such as hospital grounds and our investment in safety in conjunction with and our close attention to work practices has been rewarded with greater safety awareness and fewer accidents.


It is the duty of all personnel, both morally and legally, to maintain our own safety and the safety of others. The company aims to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of workplace safety health & welfare and to implement a recognised certified Safety Management System.


As responsible contractors we are more than acutely aware of our environment. In particular we acknowledge that everything we do can have an impact on the quality of life for generations to come and therefore take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As a company we do everything possible to ensure the integrity and quality of the environment within which we work whether that be on a windfarm in the remote countryside or an urban mixed use development.


The company also aims to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of environmental responsibility and awareness.